Food Network Monthly Cookalong: Thai “Pulled Pork” Tacos


I have to say, when I first heard that Tami was thinking of giving up hosting Food Network Fridays I was pretty disappointed. I completely understand why she didn’t want to continue with it but I was so glad she … Continue reading

Sweet Chili Tofu Goodness


A week ago, I spent most of my Sunday cupcake testing and after consuming one too many cupcakes which resulted in a serious tummy ache, I figured it was time to revamp my eating habits a bit. My diet isn’t … Continue reading

The Spoils of Cookbook Testing


I’ve been testing so many recipes for other people lately that I rarely get to use my cookbooks anymore, not that I’m complaining, the recipes have been top notch so far. Like take these veggie fajitas for instance: These bad … Continue reading

Cookbook Challenge Week One: Appetite For Reduction


Over at the PPK, a group of us food obsessed veg heads are taking part in a 12 week cookbook challenge. The objective is to make 3 or more different recipes from the cookbook that is chosen for that week. … Continue reading