Weekend Brunch Round 43: Gluten-Free Breakfast Casserole


As much as I wish I could tell you all about all the fabulous things I’ve been eating lately, there hasn’t been many exciting meals in the Muggins household as of late, hence my disappearance from blogland. It seems with … Continue reading

Brown Baggin’ It: BBQ Tempeh Sandwich


After making the tempeh meatballs, I thought I should give tempeh another go and see if I could come up with another way that I’d actually like to eat it. To be clear, I don’t HATE tempeh, but I definitely … Continue reading

Brown Baggin’ It: Meatball Subs Minus the Meat


I’ve eaten my fair share of Subway sandwiches over the years and although I’ve transition from the Deli Supreme (or whatever the hell it’s called) to the Veggie Delight, never have I ventured into the meatball sub territory. That’s right, … Continue reading

Weekend Brunch Round 9: Irish Colcannon Casserole with Cheesy Beer Sauce


Happy St. Patricks day! Is everyone spending the day lying on the couch suffering from major hangovers? I’ve never been much of a St. Patrick’s day celebrator (green beer is just wrong on so many levels), or a bar hopper … Continue reading