Weekend Brunch Round 19: Chorizo Tofu Benedicts


Happy Monday errvrybody! Are you one of the lucky folks who got to live it up Vida Vegan Style in Portland all weekend? You are? Well just so you know, I’m sooooo not jealous. All that amazing food, new friends, … Continue reading

Monthly Food Network Cookalong: Epic Sandwich Time!


All this recent talk of sandwiches (thanks to Tami and Celine’s new book) gave me a mega craving and with the Food Network cookalong theme this month being none other than sandwiches, I figure I should give in and tame … Continue reading

Vegan Mofo Day 22: Fettuccine Alfredo


Back in my omni days, any time I would go to a restaurant, if fettuccine alfredo was on the menu I would order it. Seriously loved that stuff so much, nothing could beat that creamy, cheesy flavour. I never tried … Continue reading

Vegan Mofo Day 10: Slow Cooked Seitan Roast


I came across a recipe for a slow cooked seitan roast on Kreeli’s Tasties and have been itching to make it ever since. With thanksgiving being this weekend I figured now was as good a time as any to give … Continue reading