Quick & Easy Creamy Pumpkin Sage Pasta

pumpkin sage pasta

I wasn’t lying when I said I was on the pumpkin bandwagon, this is only recipe number 2 but Fall isn’t over yet! I’ve actually been planning to make this recipe since last year, but as usual, I got distracted … Continue reading

Brown Baggin’ It: Peanut Noodle Bowl


This past weekend I finally got my baking mojo back! I looooove to bake, but when summer fills our house with smoldering sweat inducing heat, turning the oven on is pretty much the farthest thing from my mind. It’s kind … Continue reading

Mouthwatering Vegan Review & Recipe


Welcome to the kick start of Mouthwatering Vegan’s Canadian tour! I was offered a review copy of Mouthwatering Vegan, and like any time someone combines the words cookbook and free, I jump at the chance! I’ll admit that I had … Continue reading

Creamy Dreamy Pesto Goodness


With the warmer weather catching up to us and the snow finally melted (fingers crossed that it won’t return anytime soon!), I’ve been craving fresh seasonal ingredients like nobody’s business. Unlike a lot of you non-Albertans who don’t grasp the … Continue reading