Weekend Brunch Round 12: Asparagus, Mushroom & Ham Strata


Last weekend before I had decided to make those hot cross buns, I was searching online for spring brunch dishes to see if anything would inspire some new brunch escapades. I kept coming across the usual suspects but nothing seemed … Continue reading

Vegan Mofo Day 29: Tourtière


A couple of weeks ago I had mentioned going to my friend T’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. T made a mean spread and everyone chipped in and brought a dish to contribute to the meal. Chickpea cutlets, gravy, mashed potatoes, … Continue reading

Food Network Friday: Seared Rosemary Tempeh with Sweet Potato & Shiitake Risotto


It’s Food Network Friday and today’s dish was my pick! I know I should be a little excited but looking back, I have no idea why I picked this dish. I know I wanted something a little complicated and I … Continue reading

Food Network Friday: Oyster Mushroom Scampi


When I saw this weeks pick for Food Network Friday, I gotta admit, I kind of hesitated about taking part. I’m not normally the type to pass up a challenge but the thought of having to veganize a seafood dish … Continue reading