Weekend Brunch Round 30: Strawberry Waffles with Lemon Basil Cream


We started of this weekend with all these grand plans of going camping in the mountains. You know, nature, fire, sleeping in a tent, all that fun crap. I took friday afternoon off from work, we got all our camping … Continue reading

Weekend Brunch Round 15: Lemon Basil Pancakes with Blueberry Compote


Another weekend, another bake sale This past saturday we had our Okotoks sale and although we avoided the snow, this time the wind was conspiring against us. It was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the double digits (finally!) … Continue reading

Weekend Brunch Round 12: Asparagus, Mushroom & Ham Strata


Last weekend before I had decided to make those hot cross buns, I was searching online for spring brunch dishes to see if anything would inspire some new brunch escapades. I kept coming across the usual suspects but nothing seemed … Continue reading

Weekend Brunch Round 7: Banana Poppy Seed Scones


I know you don’t want to hear it, but I’m going to do it anyway, I’m going to bitch about the weather. Yup, everybody does it, yet no one truly wants to hear you bitch and complain about the inevitable. … Continue reading