Weekend Brunch Round 20: Grilled Fruit Kabobs With Mango Coconut Ricotta Dip


Just when I thought we were getting an early summer, it started to rain, and rain, and rain a little more. Which is great! Because things around here are actually green now instead of that lovely yellow/grey decay color I … Continue reading 

Weekend Brunch Round 18: Fruit Filled Tropical Granola


My sister and her husband just got back from Hawaii, which has got me suffering from some serious vacation envy. Looking through her pictures I’m left dreaming about warm humid breezes, perfectly clear waters to swim in and bright juicy … Continue reading 

Galactic Breakfast Cookies A.K.A. Everything Cookies (Galactic Just Sounds Way Cooler)


Yes, that’s right, I’ve finally resorted to eating cookies for breakfast. Don’t look at me with those judging eyes, you know you want to do the same. Now that I’m all growd up, I can do stuff like that. Cookies … Continue reading