Weekend Brunch Round 42: Apple Cinnamon Scones


Hey there party people! Hope you all had a super awesome holiday season and jazz hands inducing New Years! We spent a week enjoying the surroundings of Sedona, which was a hell of a lot nicer weather-wise then Calgary. You … Continue reading

Brown Baggin’ It: Chickpea Curry Wraps


The first time I ever tried a curry wrap was at one of the little stands at a local  farmers market, there’s this cute place that sells all kinds of Indian spices, chutneys and sauces and even though the market … Continue reading

Weekend Brunch Round 30: Strawberry Waffles with Lemon Basil Cream


We started of this weekend with all these grand plans of going camping in the mountains. You know, nature, fire, sleeping in a tent, all that fun crap. I took friday afternoon off from work, we got all our camping … Continue reading

Almond Coconut Red Curry (GF)


Way back in the day when I was just a young doe-eyed 20 year old, my culinary experiences were, how you say, lacking. I think my idea of exotic food was getting Chinese food in the mall. Yeah, seriously, I’m … Continue reading