Brown Baggin’ It: Buffalo Sloppy Joes


Happy last day of Vegan Mofo errvrybody!  I survived another mofo (barely) and even though I’m a little relived it’s over, I’m also kind of sad *single tear*. There’s such a great sense of community with Vegan Mofo, I’ve stumbled … Continue reading

Brown Baggin’ It: Crab Salad


I know, weird right? Crab salad? What the what? Now don’t you fret, I haven’t become one of those people who thinks that seafood is some kind of plant that grows from trees or something, nope, because for one, I … Continue reading

Brown Baggin’ It: Falafel Sandwich (or Wrap) Minus The Falafel!


I have a secret to tell you. You know what’s just as tasty as falafel but is half the amount of work? Wait for it……………are you still waiting?…………’ve left already haven’t you….……ok, ok, enough of this teasing, it’s falafel hummus! … Continue reading

Brown Baggin’ It: Asian Chickpea Salad Pitawich or Sandwich or Whatever Floats Your Boat


I always hated egg salad. Hated. It. So don’t expect to see a recreation of that nasty little gem around these parts anytime soon. Even today, the thought of those things brings me back to itchy tights, awkward church gatherings … Continue reading