Brown Baggin’ It: TLT With a Little A


Ah the BLT, who hasn’t heard of this sandwich staple? They’re just so awesome! Salty, smoky, crunchy and simple to make, the only thing to make them better is to take out the B and put in a T of … Continue reading

Weekend Brunch Round 26: Cherry Almond Cream Cheese Braided Bread


Hey there peoples, I’m back from vacation! I was really hoping I wouldn’t miss weekend brunch, but when I said that internet may be sketchy..I didn’t realize how sketchy. As it turns out, my cellphone provider only has coverage in … Continue reading

Whole Grain Vegan Baking Blog Tour! Recipe + Giveaway


Next stop on the blog tour, wooo, wooo! (that’s the sound of a train whistle by the way). Celine and Tami have a new book out. Yes my fellow cookbook aficionados, another book! At this point Tami and Celine have … Continue reading

Weekend Brunch Round 12: Asparagus, Mushroom & Ham Strata


Last weekend before I had decided to make those hot cross buns, I was searching online for spring brunch dishes to see if anything would inspire some new brunch escapades. I kept coming across the usual suspects but nothing seemed … Continue reading