Plants! It’s What’s For Dinner.


I’m not going to lie, I’m finding it really difficult to focus. We’re leaving for Hawaii this weekend and that seems to be all that’s on my mind. For a multitude of reasons, we haven’t been outside Canada in 4 … Continue reading 

The Spoils of Cookbook Testing


I’ve been testing so many recipes for other people lately that I rarely get to use my cookbooks anymore, not that I’m complaining, the recipes have been top notch so far. Like take these veggie fajitas for instance: These bad … Continue reading 

Garden Veggie Burgers and Testing!


I’ve been busy testing for multiple cookbooks these past few weeks (or has it been months now?), so the bulk of my meals have been focused on using recipes by these fabulous authors. I’ve been seriously taking advantage of all … Continue reading 

Sloppy Suppers


My eating habits for the past few weeks have been sporadic, to say the least. For someone who doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot in the evenings besides watch tv, I’ve been doing a whole hell of a … Continue reading