Weekend Brunch Round 26: Cherry Almond Cream Cheese Braided Bread


Hey there peoples, I’m back from vacation! I was really hoping I wouldn’t miss weekend brunch, but when I said that internet may be sketchy..I didn’t realize how sketchy. As it turns out, my cellphone provider only has coverage in … Continue reading

Ricotta Basil & Pine Nut Muffins


So a couple weeks ago after I had made those killer ricotta filled omelets, I logged on to ye olde Facebook page and asked my fellow aficionados what to do with all the fabulous leftover ricotta I had. So many … Continue reading

Whole Grain Vegan Baking Blog Tour! Recipe + Giveaway


Next stop on the blog tour, wooo, wooo! (that’s the sound of a train whistle by the way). Celine and Tami have a new book out. Yes my fellow cookbook aficionados, another book! At this point Tami and Celine have … Continue reading

Weekend Brunch Round 16: Oat & Buckwheat Porridge with Orange Infused Figs


This past weekend I celebrated my birthday! I’m not normally someone who’s big into making a huge thing out of it but since this one was the big three-o I figured we should do something, so Philip and I drove … Continue reading