Appetite For Reduction Summer Grub


I can’t believe it’s nearing the end of August already! Before we know it it’s going to be Fall again, but before I get all wah wah, woe is me I’m going to enjoy what’s left of these sunny days. … Continue reading 

Early Summer Eats


With my attempt to eat a tad bit healthier lately I’ve been showing my copy of Appetite for Reduction a lot of affection, so much so that the cover actually fell off, now that’s the sign of a well loved … Continue reading 

Cookbook Challenge Week One: Appetite For Reduction


Over at the PPK, a group of us food obsessed veg heads are taking part in a 12 week cookbook challenge. The objective is to make 3 or more different recipes from the cookbook that is chosen for that week. … Continue reading 

A Cold Night & A Bowl Full of Comfort


It’s been really bloody cold here lately, and no matter how long I’ve lived here, I’ll never get used to it. Like most people, when it’s dark and freezing outside all I want to do is curl up on the … Continue reading